Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 27 2011

Today's an amazing day. There are two epic battles that we did not expect to see happen, especially since all four contestants aren't even released yet. It's a hypothetical playing field, and you're the judge. First check out XPERIA Play vs Sony NGP (PSP 2) ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN!, then grab another bucket of popcorn and strap up your wrestling hat for the next war: Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Galaxy Tab 2! Then a battle in the real world, in the customer service department - Notion Ink Customer Service Stalls and creates quite the scene when asked questions about screen quality, a broken camera, and the application of their screen protector - we're waiting for your redemption, Notion Ink!

Notion Ink Customer Service Purposely Stalling Past 7 Day Return Period?

It appears in more than one case today that Notion Ink's General Terms of Return for the Adam Android tablet are coming into the spotlight in a rather unpleasant set of instances. As you know, hardware/software brand Notion Ink recently sent out their first shipment of Android tablets, that being the several different versions of what's called the "Adam." Since shipment, there've been several reports of difficulty in use, mis-information coming to light regarding the glossiness of the screen, blotchiness in the colors on the screen, and now a hardware mis-alignment in the swivel camera at the top of the device. A fellow by the name of Rambler reports today that after reporting to Notion Ink that his device suffered from the last two items from this list of defects, he was treated with what seemed to be a dismissive attitude and a confusing set of instructions, ultimately leading up to his 7 day return period becoming expired.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Galaxy Tab 2 THURSDAY NIGHT BRAWL

So you saw the fight we had going on between the XPERIA Play (aka the PlayStation phone) and the Sony NGP (aka the PSP 2) earlier today, did you? Well check it out, we've got another unlikely pairing going on for you, this time in a whole other solar system! This post contains nothing less than a knockout fight between the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Why would we face these brothers or sisters-in-arms against eachother in a deathmatch? Because we're cruel? Because we hate family togetherness? No way! It's because not only are they both still in their unreleased/leaked stages of their lives, they're both surprisingly similar! So strap on your wrestling boots and get your spaceship on!

Android Disney Phone Detailed [Video]

Last time we spoke about this lovely Mickey Mouse branded phone, we didn't know all that much about it. Now we've got a bit of a tip from a fellow named Paul.F who has shown us the way to the official Disney Phone homepage in Japan. This is the DM009SH, previously believed to be a re-branded version of the Galapagos 003SH, this one appears to be not all that far off point. This is Disney's first Android smartphone (and indeed their first smartphone period, if you want to think of it that way,) all previous models being lower-tier flipphones and other tiny products. Here's the big mouse.

Motorola Atrix 4G Launching at the End of February, Droid Bionic in Q2

The Motorola Atrix has certainly been the star of early 2011 so far. Being one of the "jaw-dropping" devices at CES, everyone is wondering just when they can get their hands on the world's most powerful smartphone. It seems the wait for a date is over, the Atrix has been confirmed to be releasing "the end of February."

Samsung to be Manufacturer of New SideKick? [Update: Confirmed]

When the Samsung Galaxy S 4G was announced out of the blue just a week ago, we were not given much details or even shots of the device or the Sidekick that was said to be "returning soon." However, the rumor mill is starting up and it seems the new T-Mobile Sidekick will not only be Android-based, but it will be made my Samsung.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Wallpapers [FROM THE FORUMS]

Well now! It appears that an intrepid young man or lady from the Android Community discussion forums has come forth with a package for peace - what appears to be the entirety of Android 3.0 Honeycomb's stock wallpaper gallery. A whole group of 30 wallpapers for you to download for free and apply to your non-Honeycomb device are now up for grabs.