Droid Bionic Appears on Amazon for $149

Just as we saw the Motorola Atrix listed on Amazon for $149 last week, a new page for the upcoming DROID BIONIC has appeared on the site. Featuring the same, surprisingly low price-point of $149 it seems far too early for the device to make its debut on the online retailer.

LG’s Optimus 3D caught in wild?

A photo of what's believed to be the LG Optimus 3D has leaked, though the identity of the mysterious smartphone - or, indeed, it's expected glasses-free 3D display - have not been confirmed. According to Phandroid's tipster the smartphone has a touchscreen larger than 4-inches - likely to be 4.3-inches like the Desire HD - together with a "dual-core processor and multi-channel RAM." Given the Optimus 2X runs on NVIDIA's Tegra 2, it doesn't seem too unlikely that LG would have picked the same chip for the Optimus 3D; still, we'll have to wait until the expected debut at MWC 2011 to find out for sure. Android Community will be at the Barcelona show bringing back all the details!

Dell Streak 7 $200 from February 2 confirms T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile USA has announced pricing and availability for the Dell Streak 7, which will go on sale on February 2 2011. The 7-inch 4G HSPA+ Android slate will be priced at $199.99 with a new, two-year agreement (and following a $50 mail-in rebate). As promised, that's significantly less than the rumored pricing that circulated earlier this month. More information - plus a sign-up notifier - at T-Mobile's update page here.

Enspert E201 7-inch Android tablet breaks cover

A new tablet has hit the market hailing from Korea under the Enspert name that is called the E201. The tablet has a 7-inchs screen and runs Android 2.1 Froyo as the OS. The specifications of the tablet are pretty nice as is the price.

ASRock to enter Tablet market with Android offerings

ASRock is a tech firm that has been around for a while in the computer hardware market. The company makes some interesting mainboards for computer geeks that like to roll their own systems. DigiTimes reports that ASRock is set to enter the tablet PC market in Q2 2011. The entry will come with lots of help from Pegatron Technology, the parent company of ASRock.

Motorola Xoom may land as early as February

Any tech firm knows that there are some distinct advantages to be first to market in a new category or running a new and important OS or feature. The iPad certainly reaped the benefits of being the first tablet to the market and is still riding that wave.

Google pushing internal app development in play for mobile software market

In a move that could seriously impact third-party developers, Google is reportedly making significant investment into in-house app designers for mobile software. According to the WSJ's sources, Google is hiring software engineers, product managers, user-interface experts and others with Android app concepts, as well as re-purposing existing staff, to significantly broaden the number and quality of mobile apps they offer. The new strategy is apparently intended to further take on Apple, which has a strong reputation for solid in-house apps. Some of the new Google titles would be Android-specific, the sources claim, but not all, and Google will bankroll small teams with product-manager Benjamin Ling supposedly taking responsibility for overall management of the project.

LG gives G-Slate another video outing

To be honest we'd prefer a gallery of high-resolution photos and a full spec sheet about the LG G-Slate, rather than the company's apparent marketing strategy of squeezing the upcoming Honeycomb slate into promotional videos, but in the end we'll make do with what they give us. After showing up in Korea last month, courtesy of K-Pop star Seungri, the G-Slate has now cropped up again in a MysteryGuitarMan video. The two cameras get another brief showing, this time separated with a "with Google" metal band similar to what's on the back of the Optimus 2X, along with an LED flash and a smudge of ports across the bottom. Beyond that we're left enjoying the music and puzzling the strategy. [youtube XrOGWnyaYkE] [via Engadget]
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