Hardware GPS Fix for Samsung Vibrant

Over at XDA Developers user KWKSLVR has formulated a GPS fix for the Samsung Vibrant that was originally implemented by XDA user Plato56. This fix primarily applies to phones made prior to October; to find out when yours was made just look under the battery at a set of numbers marked next to the S/N. Once there, the European date format will read something like “10.09” labeling first the year and then the month.

Notion Ink Teases at More Features and HDMI Screen Capture for Adam

The folks over at Notion Ink have set up a post apologizing for no demo video today, but promising a list of items that'll be coming tomorrow and the next day. These items are thus: Panels, the home-screen elements, how multi-cores on Tegra will work, how processes are handled, the memory assignments, how the notifications are handled in Eden, and installation of any 3rd party application. This final bit they'll be doing in collaboration with Freeware Lovers, a site with, yes, you guessed it, lots of free software applications made by people who love to give away their stuff. Furthermore, they promise that these new videos will be of "tremendous quality," a dubious claim considering their not-quite-perfect videos of the past. On the other hand, we've got high hopes for the tablet, so we've got to have high hopes for this!

MIUI ROM is Back with Beta #5 and Super Pro Video

Holy crap! Even if you have no idea how to hack your handset, even if you've never even considered working with an unofficial user interface for your phone, you're gonna marvel at how amazingly pro the preview video for this custom ROM looks. First, take a look back a few months to September when we first got wind of this crazy maniac, then head below to see the brand new video for Beta #5.

Run the Kindle App on your NOOKcolor!

Over at BlogKindle.com, Andrei Pushkin has formulated a walk-through to help root your NOOKcolor and install the Kindle for Android application. He was even able to successfully install and run youtube, Gmail, and yes our favorite... Angry Birds!

Samsung Galaxy S2 the next Google Nexus S?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 may not just be a face-lift from the Google Nexus S. The new phone is expected to have all of the bells and whistles as the attractive Nexus S, but exhibit a dual core processor as well. It will be running (at least) Android 2.3, but with the skinned modifications we see on every Galaxy S device.
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