First Android Phone on MetroPCS: LG Optimus M

Today the people at MetroPCS announced their very first Android handset (so young, so in love!) as the LG Optimus M. This M model is similar to phones offered by Spring (who has the S) and T-Mobile (who has the T). This LG Optimus M will cost you $230 with an unbelievable(?!) $50 no-contract monthly plan offered by MetroPCS. This version M has a 3.2 megapixel camera, runs Android 2.2, and has a 3.2-inch touchscreen for all your tapping and swiping and whatnot. Available November 24th, just in time for... you know... purchasing it for yourself.

Droid 2 Global Officially Confirmed by Verizon through Facebook

Holy sheepstuff! Verizon just officially confirmed the epic Droid 2 Global on their Facebook page (although, if you're the sort of person who already knew you could order them online for a couple weeks now you'll be less impressed!) But here's some specs anyway: the Droid 2 Global will run you $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate (debit card) with a 2-year contract (new 2-year activation and data pack required.) It's got a 3.7" touchscreen, it's 60.5 x 116.3 x 13.7 mm, weighs 169g, and has a QWERTY slider. Droid 2 Global comes with a 1400 mAh Battery, battery door, wall / USB charger, 8GB onboard memory and 8GB pre-installed MicroSD card.

Samsung Continuum’s Source Code Released by Samsung

Are you interested in creating some custom ROMs for the Samsung Continuum, which recently launched on Verizon? It may have been pretty tricky to get the job done up until now, but thankfully Samsung doesn't waste any time in releasing their source codes for devices. This time around, Samsung has just released the code for the Continuum.

Samsung Nexus S Poses for Photo Again, Shows Off Curves

By now, the Nexus S is a device that plenty of people out there are eagerly anticipating getting their hands on. So how about another leaked image to stare at for awhile? This one, which was picked up in the same public photo sharing service that the Nexus S originally leaked from, is a three-quarter view, and it does a good job of showing us the gentle, and obvious, curves of the device.

600K Galaxy Tabs sold so far

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung is off to a good start as far as sales go. According to Samsung, so far it has moved 600,000 of the Android-powered tablet. The company has already stated that it plans to sell about a million of the devices this year.

Pandigital’s 9-inch Novel ereader tablet goes on sale

Pandigital's new, black Novel ereader tablet has gone up for sale at QVC, though it's more expensive than originally expected. The company first said the Novel - which has a 9-inch color LCD touchscreen - would be $199.99, but the retailer is listing it for $213.80. That gets you WiFi b/g, 2GB of onboard storage and a 4GB microSD card, as well as a leatherette case. No sign of which Android OS version the tablet is running, however, nor what CPU is inside. [via The Digital Reader]