Acer Liquid Metal gets official

Acer has officially launched the Liquid Metal, their latest Android smartphone.  Powered by an 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7230 processor, the Liquid Metal supports 14.4Mbps HSDPA, WiFi b/g/n and has a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with flash and 720p HD video recording. There's also a 3.6-inch display, Dolby Surround sound support, Froyo 2.2 and DLNA/UPnP media streaming.  Acer load their own Breeze UI app and SocialJogger social network aggregator too.  The Acer Liquid Metal will be available in silver and brown priced at £299 ($475) in the UK; the brown will be available first from mid November with the silver arriving in early December. Press Release: Acer Liquid Metal: Pure technology combing power and style London, 29th October 2010 – The Acer Liquid Metal is the latest generation of Acer smartphones, featuring the best solutions currently available on the mobile market. Designed for all those who live a modern, dynamic, and fully integrated lifestyle, this is the perfect tool to meet the growing need to be connected anytime and anywhere. Thanks to extremely quick web surfing and an incomparable use of multimedia contents, these dreams become reality. When we speak about technological evolution, Acer is always one step ahead thanks to its proven capacity to translate the most sophisticated technological innovations into products that are easy to use. Moulding the most advanced technologies and integrating them into the latest smartphone is the logical consequence. Style and elegance characterise the soft, sinuous, and curvy design for the perfect grip. Liquid Metal is equipped with a rounded 3.6” display especially studied to grant a truly sensational visualization. The materials selected, like the stainless steel of the battery cover, are solid and resistant and the chrome trims give a sense of high quality for extreme tactile and visual pleasure. As in the entire Acer Liquid series, we find the LED signals on the upper part of the telephone notify the user of missed calls, the need to charge the battery, and new incoming messages clearly. Liquid Metal steps on the gas, ensuring higher speed in all activities, especially in navigating the web, thanks to the combination of: - the Qualcomm 7230 800 MHz process for lightning fast navigation - Android Froyo that responds at a speed 5 times faster than earlier versions - the new browser that enables you to open Internet pages more quickly, thanks to Flash support and the optimization of the JavaScript engine - Connectivity that is super fast both at home or while travelling, thanks to the WiFi n[1] and HSDPA 14.4Mbps[2] - with the multitouch function, resizing web pages, photos, or maps is easier than ever. Liquid Metal also brings the best multimedia experience and entertainment. - Record video in HD at 720p (30fps) and watch more high-resolution videos in Xvid format - Take photos with the 5MP A/F camera enhanced with LED flash, image stabilizer, and facial and smile recognition - Enjoy the thrilling audio brought by the Dolby Surround technology and customize the sound you hear with the EQ profiles and Dynamic Bass Boost. Liquid Metal shows its excellence not only in its style and power, but brings delightful user experience by the intuitive interface and software developed by Acer. - Breeze, the new Acer user interface was developed to manage applications even more easily. Information is visible even when the screen is locked; view the application history and quickly start up your most used appliations; customize your homescreen as you like it and re-arrange the way you access your favourite applications according to your own specific needs - Acer SocialJogger Application aggregates your Facebook and Twitter feeds, allowing you to surf through the updates with the trackwheel, receive updates directly through the dedicated widget on the homescreen, and comment or share directly from the user-friendly interface. Liquid Metal is transformed into a true wireless server for all your home devices through DLNA/UPnP technology. All the multimedia content memorized on the smartphone can be shared with your PC, TV or game console. Moreover, it is capable of providing your computer an Internet connection via USB. This is truly useful for travelling by train or when on vacation. The Acer EasyLink PC software is free of charge and even enables a protected Internet connection (https). Do you want even more? This smartphone of the latest generation can become a WiFi hotspot for all enabled devices, so as to connect them to the Internet via the Liquid Metal 3G connection. [1] With WiFi n, Liquid Metal is 10 times faster than previous devices 2 With HSDPA, Liquid Metal is 2 times faster than previous devices The Liquid Metal will be offered in two colours: silver and brown for a SRRP of £299 inc Vat. The brown will be available first from mid November with the silver arriving in early December.

Archos Froyo update for 28/32/43/70/101 tablets gets video preview

Archos has been quietly seeding testers with betas of its upcoming Android 2.2 Froyo ROM for the recently-announced Gen8 tablet range.  ARMDevices has been testing it out, and put together a demo video showing some of the changes along the way. No word on when the new firmware will be released for the 28/32/43/70/101 range - apparently there's still a little work to be done on optimizing the build and ironing out the last few bugs - but it's all looking promising. [youtube kS9Y4Zv5avU]

ParkVu Music WithMe app brings iTunes playlists to Android

I would bet that there are many people out there that use Android smartphones and have gobs of music on an iTunes account that they would like to get on their Android device. If you are one of these folks a new app from ParkVu has surfaced called Music WithMe that will allow you to access your iTunes playlists on Android devices.

Notion Ink gets real on battery estimates

Notion Ink has released a list of ways you'll be able to drain your Adam tablet's battery in around six hours, as a counterpoint to earlier talk of over fifteen hours of "normal" use.  1080p HD video playback at full brightness and volume will do it, the company says, together with playing a 3D augmented reality game with camera input and 3G or WiFi for data. Solid YouTube or other Flash video playback over wireless will also sap power quickly, as will streaming 3D maps over 3G and using the hardware GPS receiver.  Finally, recording HD video using the Adam's rotating camera and streaming it via WiFi is apparently a sure-fire way to drain the tablet in record time. To be fair, none of that is especially surprising, but it does raise a couple of interesting use-cases, particularly the HD streaming potential.  We've seen apps like Qik do real-time video uploads, but the quality is generally well short of HD.

Samsung Google Nexus Two gets in the wild report?

Rumors of a Google Nexus Two - despite CEO Eric Schmidt's previous denial that one was in the pipeline - continue to grow, with Gizmodo having heard from a tipster who apparently got to play with the Samsung-made device.  Like the Galaxy S family, it's apparently made from black, glossy plastic and "feels really similar to the Galaxy S in a lot [of] ways," though the back has "got this curve to it." There's also a roughly 4-inch display, which the source believes to be Super AMOLED, and a "sort of concave" front panel.  A front-facing video camera is the only confirmed hardware spec, with no word on the CPU or which "really buggy" stock build of Android the Nexus Two was running.  Note, the picture above is a mock-up.

Flash Vulnerability Uncovered, Fix coming November 9th

We all know Adobe’s flash is not perfect. Being an extremely mainstream and popular platform it’s always the target of the latest exploit. They are usually quick with their updates but still in the downtime many get infected. Now there has been another vulnerability exploited that not only affects mobile devices, but also the desktop versions as well.

myTouch 4G vs Desire HD Benchmarks

Our sister site SlashGear is currently testing the myTouch 4G while they are preparing for the review. It's benchmarking suggests that its the fastest Android smartphone around. They decided to pit it up against another recently released Android smartphone called the HTC Desire HD. What's interesting, is the results from the test. Both have the same 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor paired with 768MB of RAM, but when tested, the MyTouch 4G came out decently far ahead.
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