HTC Desire HD source code Released

HTC has just released the source code for the Desire HD and posted it to their Developer Center. Allowing developers to get their hands on the official source code, we can fully expect to start seeing ROMs popping up bringing the new reworked HTC Sense to other devices.

T-Mobile Comet Spotted in the Wild

TMO News has just received an array of images of the upcoming T-Mobile Comet formally known as the Huawei Ideos. The Comet will be an entry level device that's running stock Android 2.2.

Google Instant Now Available in Beta For some devices

We first heard of Google Instant back in september, and even had a way to get it to work on some devices. Although this was only a temporary bug, and the link to Mobile Google with Instant was later pulled, we now are getting word that Google Instant is hitting some devices in beta form. The image seen above has been what users of some Android devices are seeing when they navigate to Google via their Android devices. So far we have been told that users of the Droid, Droid x, and Incredible are all seeing the toggle switch for instant. And if you forgot, or haven't used Google in some time, here is what Google Instant is all about: [youtube]ElubRNRIUg4[/youtube] It's likely more devices will be available to activate it later today. What about you? Do you see it? Let us know in the comments! [Via DroidLife]

Slick UI Homescreen-Replacement Interface for Android Devices (CONCEPT)

Gorgeous! Look at the loveliness that's been brewing in the creation boxes of the conceptual workers working on "Slick UI"! This Slick UI is similar to other apps such as LauncherPro or ADW in that it's a homescreen-replacement launcher made to pretty-up and function-up the homescreen of your Android-based device. It aims to make your whole experience more "silky smooth, functional and highly customizable."

Samsung Mobile Twitter Giveaway : Win a Free Galaxy Tab™!

Hooray! Starting today (October 25th 2010) at 12pm CST, Samsung Mobile will be launching a giveaway/sweepstakes on Twitter where you can win a fabulous new Galaxy Tab™ from the carrier of your choice! The contest lasts through November 8th, and you'll have seven chances to win, as they'll have seven Tabs to give away. Directions below.

HTC Knight Coming to Sprint January 6th, named HTC Speedy

It seems upcoming phones accessory lists are the new place to look for device launch details. BGR has gotten thier hands on the HTC Knight's inventory list and it reveals the release date of the case to be January 6th - You'll need a case the day you buy it, right?

XDANROID Multi-Device Port of Androind for WM (Project Update)

The folks over at XDA Developers are hard at work bringing you XDANROID, a multi-device port dedicated to getting Android running on your favorite HTC devices, and they've got an update for ye. This update shows work done on issues with layout, functionality, the light sensor that brings you the automatic brightness adjustment, and more. Take a peek at the whole change log to see if your favorite grievance has been addressed.

Android Market passes 100,000 app mark

Nothing like starting Monday with a bang, and if you're Google that bang is the news that there are now 100,000 apps available in the Android Market.  The news was broken by the company's AndroidDev Twitter account; we're guessing there'll be an official announcement later on today, but so far the official blog is yet to be updated. Despite the milestone, the Android Market still trails the iOS App Store, which Apple claims contains 250,000 titles.  Still, there's more to a successful download store than sheer bulk: it's the titles inside it that count.