7-Inch Dell Android based Tablet hinted at, Is this the Looking Glass?

Michael Dell, chief executive officer of Dell Inc. has gone and pulled another tablet out of his pocket. This looks to be the rumored Looking Glass which specs leaked long ago with an expected release date of November. The tablet is still expected to run Android 2.1 but not much other details were provided by Dell.

Epic 4G upload speed fix is almost here

If you are an owner of an Epic 4G, chances are you know how frustrating the upload speeds on the device can be. We already know that it is not the speedy Sprint network or the devices impressive hardware, it is a software problem that the device shipped with. The wait seems to be just about over as Sprint and Samsung are prepping the update as we speak and it will be present in the next maintenance release.

Droid 2 World Edition Spotted, sporting a Silver and White color Scheme

The Droid 2 World Edition, or Global, is the first phone of the Verizon DROID series to be able to be used outside of the US. Making it a perfect traveling business companion the Droid 2 World Edition features internals capable of global roaming. However, as of now it looks like these new internals are the only feature it has that it’s predecessor, the Droid 2, lacks.

HTC EVO 4G receives general Software update

Today is clearly the day of Android device updates. Following the 2 Galaxy S updates, we now have official word from HTC that the EVO 4G has received an update as well. The current version, V 3.29.651.5, fixes a few bugs in the software of the EVO.

Samsung Announces GPS Update for Samsung Captivate, Available today

Just as we got word of the Samsung Galaxy S update for T-Mobile users, it looks like another update for the device, this time on AT&T and not 2.2, will be pushed to users over-the-air. This update is set to improve the Captivate’s GPS performance as well as improving media scanning time, adding the full version of Quickoffice, and addresses Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy support. "Samsung Mobile and AT&T are pleased to announce an update for the Samsung Captivate. Below is Samsung Mobile’s official statement regarding the over-the-air update.   An update to improve the Samsung Captivate's GPS performance is now available. Captivate customers will receive a notification on their device that an update is available and will simply need to download the file to update their phone. The updates will be pushed to customers’ devices over the next few weeks.   The update for the Captivate will also improve additional device functions, such as media scanning time, add the full version of Quickoffice and address Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy support." Regarding the Samsung Captivate 2.2 update, it is still expected sometime in the next month or so.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 Update coming at the end of the month

On the official T-Mobile UK forums we got word of the 2.2 Android update coming to the Galaxy S by the end of the month. The update will not be pushed over the air and will be available for download through the Samsung Kies PC application. The Samsung Kies PC only software looks like it will be the only way to get 2.2 on your device. This is because with the software, which checks your serial number, you will only be allowed to download the software that has been approved for your device compared to over the air. Further in the forum discussion it is asked how users of a Mac or Linux based computer will get the update, the response is as follows: You would need to ask a friend with a Windows PC to install the Samsung Kies software so that you can download and install the update. Regards Stef Forum Team As with any update it is advisable to back up all of your important data: pictures, contacts, documents, before performing the update just in case something goes wrong (Samsung Kies is not the most reliable software) and all of your data gets wiped. No official date has been set, but the good news is there is only 8 more days in the month, so expect sooner rather than later. [Via T-Mobile UK]

a closer look at the HTC Desire HD in new lengthy promo

In a new promo video from HTC we get to see the Desire HD’s key features. The video, running at just over 7 minutes, gives us a look into daily usage of the impressive device. As we saw earlier, the full metal chassis and glass front provide a very professional look and makes it a very durable while making the phone look great.

It’s here, Droid X Finally gets 2.2 Froyo Update

After much waiting, many unconfirmed dates and a last minute rumor, Android 2.2 Froyo is finally available on the Droid X from Verizon Wireless. Bringing many welcome updates such as full flash 10.1, and improved WiFi hotspot support. A lot of the update to 2.2 goes to under the hood improvements, from the first time you use it you will notice a significant boost in speed and usability, even on a powerhouse such as the Droid X. Full flash 10.1 is finally here. Being present on some devices for some time now, users of the Droid X will finally get to experience what some fans claim is the “full web.” A lot of websites use flash, regardless of claims otherwise, it’s not dying at all. The recently patched, safe 10.1 is available with the Froyo update and according to tests does not slow down the device or waste substantial amounts of battery. Another new feature that you will be able to gets your hands on with, around the same timeframe as everybody else, is the new Gmail app. Google has strayed away from including Gmail in software builds and releasing it as a standalone app which will allow for the ability to update and stay current without the need for a full software update. Some of the news features in the new Gmail app include: a floating bar with important, much used message actions, showing and hiding the quoted text to hide previous messages within a reply, and limited support to Google’s much praised priority inbox. The Gmail app, which is available only for Android 2.2+ is free on the android store, search Gmail or scan the QR code below. We got our hands on a 2.2 based Droid X and ran a quick Quadrant test. The results prove the Droid X to be running wicked fast. With a score of 1370, it improved vastly over it’s previous score as well as came out ahead of the Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy, and the HTC Desire. [caption id="attachment_13714" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Quadrant Test - Droid X Android 2.2"][/caption] With 2.2 and the already impressive stats of the Droid X expect it to be one of the top of the line Android Verizon devices for quite some time.

Samsung Intercept coming to Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has now confirmed the Intercept to be their very first Android device. Virgin offers up many contract-free plans with unlimited data and very flexible pricing, and with their push into the smartphone space we could definitely see many pre-paid smart phone handsets coming to market.

LG Optimus One Coming to Verizon, named Vortex?

LG’s Android presence is very small in the United States. Many of the popular electronics maker’s handset’s overseas are Android based, and they’re pretty impressive. Here in the US the Android LG market is small but it may be growing larger with the LG Optimus One coming to Verizon under the name Vortex.
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