Acer Waiting for Android 3.0 to Launch Tablet

The rumors about an Acer tablet aren't necessarily rumors, anymore, we don't imagine. The company has come out and shown an Android tablet, after all. With that announcement, though, was the revelation that the tablet would launch with Android 2.2. Nothing wrong with that, more or less, but when the public already knows there's a newer version of Android on the way (set to be unveiled later this year), you can see why manufacturers might want to wait to get the latest software before they release a product. And, according to this new report, that's exactly what's happening.

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile GPS Fix Coming in September

The Samsung Galaxy S variant for T-Mobile, the Vibrant, is known to have some issues with its GPS. In fact, it's not the only US-based Galaxy S with the problem. Luckily though, Samsung has admitted to the situation, and have been diligent about getting a fix out the door to alleviate the problem. They've even gone as far as to issue a statement about it, and have promised a software fix by the early weeks of September.

Google Uses Honeycomb for Next Android Codename, After Gingerbread

Google's usage of codenames in the vein of tasty treats isn't new -- it's been this way since the beginning. And generally, they tend to leak out well before the software even gets shown off. We knew about Gingerbread well in advance, and that has yet to even be officially announced. And now we can say we knew what was coming after that even sooner.

Pandigital unveils new Android eReader

Pandigital didn't do so well with its first eReader offering having some serious issues. The company is set to come back with a new eReader that will launch next month for $199.99. The eReader will run Android and has some features that sound good on paper.

Droid Incredible for Verizon Not Getting Android 2.2 Today

Have to love those rumors, right? Unfortunately, we're not really fans of them when they turn out to be dead-ends. For example, that rumor last week that the Droid Incredible, manufactured by HTC, was getting Android 2.2 starting on August 18th? Well, turns out that it isn't true at all.

Samsung Galaxy U Specifications Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy U may not have been the cream of the crop at all, or ever, but it's certainly worthy of its own praise. Just uncovered over at Samsung Hub, the specifications for the upcoming Galaxy U have been unveiled. And while it may not be as impressive as its S-branded sibling, it's still worthy of the Android platform that it carries.

Symantec Identifies Stealth Trojan in Tap Snake Game

While trojans and viruses have always been a big problem for the PC market, it's just been a generalized urban myth for the Android mobile Operating System since its debut. While there was plenty of speculation about the damage you could do to the Android system, and someone's phone or data, it had never managed to make it to the mainstream. Until now. This is the second, or third, time that something like a trojan has managed to make headlines. But unlike a wallpaper, this one's embedded in a video game.

Dell Streak Ripped Apart by iFixIt

There's a few folks out there that, when they get a shiny new toy, immediately want to take it apart and find out all the cool little intricacies of the device. Find out how it ticks, more or less. And, most of them work for iFixIt. The group that's become notorious for ripping apart shiny new gadgets, and detailing what exactly makes them so noteworthy, has done it again. And this time, the Dell Streak made it under their fingers.

Toshiba Android Tablet Launching by October

Tablets are the new thing now-a-days, and it looks like Toshiba is getting ready to launch themselves into the market. And, of course, Android will play a big role in it, too. According to DigiTimes, who are getting their information from particular Taiwan-based manufacturers, Toshiba is getting ready to launch their own tablet, set to hit the shelves no later than this October.

Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile $99.99 Today Only

The Samsung Galaxy S variant for T-Mobile, known as the Vibrant, has just taken a drastic price cut. In a move that's become somewhat normal from the magenta carrier, one of their high-profile devices will go on sale for one day only. Whether this is to stimulate some sales that have slumped off since its launch, or T-Mobile's just being nice, no one knows. Either way, though, you get a killer deal on an amazing device.