U.S. Cellular launch HTC Desire for $200

We're big HTC Desire fans here at Android Community, and so it comes as great news to hear that U.S. Cellular have finally got around to selling the smartphone in the US.  Hitherto Europe/Asia only, the Desire is priced at $199.95 after a mail-in rebate and presuming a new, two-year agreement; it's not available on prepaid plans. The actual model is the so-called Super LCD variant that HTC switched to producing after facing ongoing AMOLED panel shortages.  Otherwise it's the same as we've seen before, so you get a 5-megapixel autofocus camera, HTC Sense interface, Android 2.1, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and an 8GB microSD card in the box.

Nokia N900 gets Android 2.2: calling, data, more [Video]

Work to put Android onto the Nokia N900 - more commonly found running the company's own open-source OS, Maemo - has already resulted in a few experimental ROMs, but now the NITDroid project reckons they've got something almost stable enough for everyday use.  Their latest release adds in voice call functionality, which most people would consider pretty important for their cellphone. Incoming and outgoing calls are supported, as are various forms of data connection, and the whole thing is based on Android 2.2 Froyo which means it's actually potentially running a version of the OS better than the actual Android device many people are living with now.  All of the Google apps are supported, and of course there's the N900's hardware keyboard to think about too.  Most frustrating, though, is the apparent absence of camera support, since the N900's optics are pretty darn good.  Still, you can download and have a play here. [youtube jVpgqTF89zU] [via Engadget]

Samsung Fascinate Training Documents Hit the Internet

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. After informing you that the Samsung Galaxy S variant for Verizon has been hitting warehouses around the country, and now a suspected release date gets tipped for September 9th, we now have the training documents from Verizon making their way onto the Internet. Basically, ladies and gentlemen, we can start counting down the days until this Super AMOLED-toting handset makes its debut on the largest wireless carrier here in the States.

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Due on September 9th?

There's a lot of question marks surrounding the Samsung Fascinate. Verizon's variation of the Samsung Galaxy S line-up has yet to get an official launch date, even as the other major wireless carriers have already launched their own device, or are getting ready to in a matter of days. But, that looks to be coming to a swift stop, if these new leaked images are any indication.

HTC EVO 4G for Sprint with Android 2.2 Now Rooted

That didn't take long at all. Not that it should have, considering the amount of work being put into rooting all the Android devices out there. Well, maybe not all of them -- just the good ones, right? In any event, it's just become known that the EVO, manufactured by HTC and Sprint's first 4G device, has just been rooted. And that means that the official Android 2.2 build for the handset has been cracked, and super user permission is now permitted.

HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon Updating to Android 2.2 Beginning August 27th

Well, fancy that. After hearing a new rumor suggesting that the Droid Incredible, manufactured by HTC, would be seeing its update to Android 2.2 officially beginning September 1st, we get this brand new leak, which suggests something quite different. Thanks to a tipster, it looks like the Incredible's update is actually coming tomorrow. That's right, Incredible owners who aren't rooted (and already on 2.2), it looks like you get your time in the sunshine very soon.

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Landing in Warehouses, Launch Imminent?

Here in just a few days, all of the major wireless carriers in the United States will have launched their own versions of the Samsung Galaxy S device. All of them, except Verizon. In all honesty, it probably makes sense that Verizon hasn't launched the Fascinate yet, simply because they've been putting a lot of backing on their Droid line of Android-powered handsets, and off setting that with the launch of the Fascinate is probably counter-productive to whatever their game plan is. That being said, it looks like the Super AMOLED-toting device is starting to show up in Verizon warehouses.

Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint User Manual Available for Viewing

Pretty standard fare here. With the launch of the second 4G-enabled device, Samsung's Galaxy S variant called Epic, getting ready launch in just a few days now, it's no surprise that the user manual has managed to show up online. And sure enough, if you're into reading brand-spanking-new (as of August 17th, technically) digital PDF files for a phone you don't quite have yet, here's your chance.

HTC Merge Spotted on Global Certification Forum, Gets Approved

As usual, there's plenty of different handsets the Merge could be. It makes it hard to guess when we know about plenty of other devices heading to the market soon enough, and there's just one out there, without any real defining feature list or images, that alludes us. This month, it's the Merge. Manufactured by HTC, with a model number ADR6325, the Merge is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Motorola DROID gets Flash Player 10.1 update

Verizon has just pinged us to let us know that DROID owners should expect an OTA update sometime from today, that will allow them to download and install the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 app from the Android Market.  That means access to in-browser Flash animations, videos and games. You'll need to be running Android 2.2 in order to install Flash Player 10.1, which Verizon began distributing to owners of the original DROID earlier this month.
"Verizon Wireless has begun pushing an update  today to the DROID by Motorola (introduced November 2009) that will  allow customers to download Adobe Flash 10.1 via Android Market. Flash Player 10.1 provides access to millions of sites  with rich content including animations, casual games, videos, rich internet  applications, audio and much more."
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