Android shirt illustrates what many think of Apple

I am not a fan of putting stickers on my car. There are lots of people that I see driving around with stickers that show Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs peeing on one thing or another to illustrate the fact that their ride is better than others.

Motorola Droid X with Android 2.2 Gets Spied Again

This is getting ridiculous. And, if you have a Droid X and start killing your battery checking for software updates after you read this article, we don't blame you. Because, truth be told, these "leaks" are starting to get a bit more "real." This time around, it's a tipster with a pretty non-blurry image of their very own Droid X, obviously running Android 2.2.

Kyocera Zio Gets Preorder Page for Cricket Wireless

It's been a long time since we've heard anything about the Zio from Kyocera. Which isn't a bad thing, more or less, but it could be, considering the device itself isn't the worst Android-based handset to get released this year. In fact, it would actually be quite a catch for most people, and considering the phone line-up on Cricket Wireless right now, it's pretty much the best device you can get for the carrier. So, if you're wanting to take a look, here's the preorder page.

Dell Streak Will Cost $549 Without Contract, $299 With One

The Dell Streak's hot in the presses today, that's for sure. After we find out that the device itself is back on pre-order, and that the Android-based Mobile Internet Device is indeed coming to the United States, we finally get word --officially-- that the new gadget will cost a cool $200 on a new, two-year contract. But, if you're not a fan of contracts, then you can also get it unlocked and ready to roll for just $549.

Google Unveils Licensing Software for Applications

Sometimes, you just don't want to pay for an application. Even if it's not the most expensive app out there, sometimes you just don't want to drop the cash to get your hands on it. That doesn't mean you don't want the app -- just that you don't want to pay for it. So, if you can type a search into Google and find the APK file for that particular paid Android application, it won't take much time at all to get it onto your device, minus the price tag. (That doesn't count AT&T Android-based handsets, mind you.) But, it looks like that's about to change, thanks to Google.

Motorola Droid X Running Android 2.2

We're all eagerly anticipating the release of Android 3.0. That's just the truth. But, that's not stopping everyone else from looking at Android 2.2 and when it's going to launch on the Droid X. When the new flagship device from Motorola and Verizon was announced, speculation about it launching with Android 2.2 was pretty high. Of course, we know now that it's running Android 2.1, with a date "some time in July" aimed for its update to Android 2.2. (Thankfully, August is in the Summer.) But, that's not stopping the developers. And, considering the Motorola Milestone just got Android 2.2 goodness, why shouldn't the other eFuse-based device get it, too?

Motorola Droid X: Root the Easy Way

We've already told you that the Droid X is rooted. In fact, we gave you some pretty good instructions on how to do it. But, not everyone out there wants to get into the ADB shell and put in some command line. And we know where you're coming from. So, if you're still interested in rooting your brand new device and getting rid of some of that bloatware, here's an easy method. Yes. It's easy. Like, one click easy.

Motorola Droid and Droid X, HTC Incredible to Get Android 2.2 Beginning August 6th, Rumors Suggest

Right now, it's a pretty hard sale to say that any other wireless carrier in the United States has a better line-up of Android-based handsets than Verizon. With that being said, everyone's waiting for their high-end devices to get their software updated to Android 2.2. While there's been plenty of rumors, there's never not room for another one. So, here's your latest: Beginning August 6th, the Motorola Droid, Droid X, and HTC Incredible could all be seeing their Android upgraded with some frozen yogurt.

Google Maps Updated to 4.4, Brings Places Into the Mix

Considering the nature of Google Maps, one should expect that it would be upgraded quite often. As it stands right now, we're at six updates in as many months, most of which brought something new and exciting to the software. This time around, Google's updated Maps to 4.4, and with it they're bringing the Places application.

Motorola Milestone Gets Android 2.2, Unofficially

As of this writing, it looks like Motorola is on the fence regarding a future update to Android 2.2, as it relates to the Milestone. It just got Android 2.1, so we can see where Motorola is coming from. That's from a logic standpoint. But, from the much healthier standpoint of wanting the most current software on our device at all times, we're wondering what they're thinking. Thankfully, though, we've got a great development community out there -- and here you have Android 2.2, in build FRF91 -- which has already made the rounds over plenty of devices already.
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