Aava Mobile Intel Moorestown MID hands-on

More hands on video's from SlashGear. This one comes in the form of Intel's second Android based MID, based on the upcoming Atom-series Moorestown processors. This MID features a touchscreen, WiFi and 3G, along with the usual sensors – GPS, accelerometer, digital compass – and both front and rear facing cameras.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini & mini pro hands-on

The guys over at slashgear has been on a roll recently with some hands on time with some of the hottest upcoming phones. This time they got to try out the X10 Mini and the Mini Pro. These compact devices can fit in the tightest of jeans or shirt pocket.

Free Desire For Orange Customers?

Earlier today I discussed the possibility of this phone being on multiple carriers around the world. T-Mobile UK is slated for a March 26th release. Not to be out done Orange has announced their plans for the Desire that includes a free offering for certain plans. I'll let the announcement speak for itself:

T-Mobile Pulse Mini Announced For Europe Video

The battle for the small phone market is on. First there was HTC's Tattoo, the Sony announced the Mini X10 And Mini Pro with a keyboard. Now the Pulse Mini enters and it is bringing a weapon to the battle, a stylus.

MWC 2010: Ericsson has the eStore

This is a very interesting move by Ericsson. They just announced a partnership with Opera to bring the eStore, this is a new way to buy apps other than the traditional Android Market or that other phones AppStore. This store will aim to take the way we buy apps to a different plateau.

HTC Desire – phone hits T-Mobile UK March 26

The phone we originally known as the Bravo has been officially named the Desire by HTC is the hottest phone around the internet and now their are a few rumblings around that the first carrier to offer this phone is T-Mobile UK.

VIDEO: HTC Desires official first look

Video number two of the day from HTC official library. This video features the hot hot HTC Desire. This is essentially a Nexus One with Sense UI slapped on. This phone is rumored to be offered by multiple carriers around the world so hopefully no matter who your carrier is you can get your hands on one. As mentioned before this phone is very similar to the Nexus One except it features an optical trackball and well as HTC's custom interface, Sense UI. In this video you get a look at the slight chin which is paying homage to the original Android device(HTC Dream/G1) and it is also dubbed a "superphone". Sense UI looks great on the large AMOLED screen. The only thing I wonder about is the support for accessories. If this phone will have its on desk and car dock, my Nexus may be up for sale. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltSyVNO5tvM&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

VIDEO: HTC’s official presentation of its HTC Legend

HTC is really making it hard for us to choose our next Android device. This is their first official video presentation of the sexy uni-body HTC Legend. This is a very well designed phone and the presence of Sense UI really sets it apart from the growing field of Android phones.

Hands-on with HTC’s Desire Android phone

Let's cut to the chase: the HTC Desire is seriously desirable.  In effect a Google Nexus One with HTC's slick Sense UI slapped on top, and the last-gen trackball replaced with a nice, modern optical joystick, we grabbed some hands-on time with the Desire straight after the HTC press conference finished. It's a slim device with a gentle curve at the bottom - not quite the traditional HTC chin but not the anti-chin of the Nexus One - and the whole thing feels expensive and solid in the hand.  As far as we know HTC have used the same 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, and the quality is still fantastic; Sense widgets look great, the the 1GHz Snapdragon processor has no problem whipping through homescreen panes or clicking into the mildly-addictive "helicopter view". Of course, because you get Sense you also get the new Friend Stream feed, which pulls Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates from the Contacts app and into a single pane.  HTC had prepopulated it with their own content, so we'll have to wait until our demo unit arrives to figure out how well it works; still, you can respond to and comment on items in the Friend Stream directly.  We'd like to see HTC add in support for more social networks, as Motorola have promised to do with MOTOBLUR. In short, though, this is a seriously appealing Android smartphone and a worthy HTC flagship.  The addition of Sense makes a real visual difference - and based on our previous experience, a usability one too - and we're really excited about getting review time with it.  Until then, check out the hands-on gallery and video demo below! HTC Desire hands-on video demo: [youtube Cisk6qhd-bk] [gallery]

Hands-on with HTC’s Legend Android phone

We grabbed a chance to sit down with HTC's new Legend right after the press conference today, and the milled-aluminum Android 2.1 smartphone doesn't disappoint. In terms of size it's noticeably thinner than the Hero, and the MacBook-smooth casing feels fantastic in the hand. The only plastic to be found is around the 5-megapixel camera and the battery compartment cover, and the latter does double-duty as the antenna. Like we found on the Nexus One, Android looks fantastic on an AMOLED panel, even when it's a smaller 3.2-inch HVGA display. The capacitive touchscreen is responsive and slick, and HTC's Sense widgets have also received a speed boost. The lag many users complained about experiencing on the Hero wasn't evident on the demo Legend handset (which was connected via 3G rather than WiFi) and the pinch-zoom "helicopter view" snapped in and out without delay. Similarly the Android 2.1 menus were responsive, to the point where we wondered if HTC had underplayed the 600MHz MSM7227 processor. We'll have to wait until our demo handset drops to see if that's the case with a well-used device, but so far we're impressed by the optimizations. Until then, check out the hands-on gallery and video demo below! HTC Legend hands-on video demo: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd3qY5k_mfw[/youtube] [gallery]