New Google Listen integrates with Google Reader

After being out for months with no update it seems like Google totally forgot about this app. Or, maybe they have been working on this updated version. Listen from Google Labs brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device.

Official BBC App Coming to Android

If you are from the UK this is great news for you. BBC has an Android app in the works and it should be available soon in the Android Market. This app will aim to delivery the full BBC news experience bringing not only news but sports as well and there is a chance that the iplayer, which is a video service that allows you to catch up on news you missed, will be included also.

Opera Mobile 10 running on the Nexus One Video

Opera Mobile will off a PC like browser experience to your Android device. They are working closely with phone manufacturers to have this app preinstalled on upcoming Android devices. In the meantime they are looking to improve on their current Opera Mini offering with the new 5th edition. It's currently a beta but you can try it out now if you like.

Motorola DEVOUR hands-on; $150 at Best Buy?

We'll admit we weren't entirely convinced when we first saw shots of the Motorola DEVOUR, but having played with the Android handset this week at MWC 2010 the extruded-aluminum chassis has won us over.  What looks blocky and awkward in photos turns out to have a truly premium feel in the hand, and the DEVOUR's sliding keyboard mechanism is solid and reassuring. The unit we were looking at was functional, but hadn't been set up on Verizon's CDMA network yet; that meant we couldn't get to the Android homescreen (since there's no CDMA coverage in Barcelona).  Still, we're expecting performance to be pretty much on a par with Motorola's other recent MOTOBLUR devices.  As for the keyboard, the hard keys are slightly domed and pretty easy to hit, and concerns that the overall shape would leave it tricky to comfortably type on seem to have been unfounded. According to the latest rumors, Best Buy are planning to begin selling the DEVOUR from $149.99 with a two-year agreement, or $549.99 contract-free.  Last we heard the Android smartphone would hit shelves on February 25th. [gallery]

Acer beTouch E110 & E400 hands-on [Video]

Acer's new flagship Android smartphone may be the Snapdragon-powered Liquid e, but the company has two other new devices hoping for some time in the limelight too.  The Acer beTouch E110 and beTouch E400 offer Android 1.5 and Android 2.1 respectively, and we stopped by the company's booth at MWC 2010 this week to grab a quick play. It has to be said, neither device is especially inspiring.  Acer have modified the beTouch E110's UI with an alternative app draw and some new iconography, but when you consider that other devices in their range are several OS-versions further down the line it's something of a compromise.  Still, the phone feels compact and reasonably sturdy, and reminded us of a chubbier HTC Tattoo. The Acer beTouch E400, meanwhile, has a design we actually prefer to the bulky Liquid e, though there's a broad expanse of somewhat wasted space underneath the touchscreen with only a distinctive illuminated Home button to brighten things up.  Still, it proved responsive and the touchscreen worked well, and it's a relatively thin device. Solid, safe choices then, but neither Acer prompted the same sort of excitement as, say, the HTC Legend.  If the company prices them right then they could stand a chance, of course; those sort of details will have to wait until the official launch, expected to be March 2010 for the E110 and April 2010 for the E400. [youtube][/youtube] [gallery]

Expansys list Legend and Desire for April 12th release

Feeling flush and reasonably patient?  The HTC Legend and Desire, announced this week at Mobile World Congress 2010, have shown up for preorder at online retailer Expansys UK, complete with an expected Monday April 12th release date. The Legend, which has a 3.2-inch HVGA AMOLED touchscreen, milled aluminum body and 5-megapixel camera, is priced at £399.99 ($627), while the HTC Desire, which has a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen and is basically HTC's own-brand version of the Google Nexus One, is priced at £449.99 ($706). Both are sold unlocked and SIM-free; HTC told us at the launch event that just about all of the carriers in the target markets for the two devices were interested in offering both smartphones, so if you're willing to sign up to a contract you can likely get one far cheaper upfront. HTC Legend hands-on: [youtube][/youtube] HTC Desire hands-on: [youtube][/youtube]

Android 2.1 update finally comes to Droid Eris?

While we haven’t been able to fully confirm yet, evidence of the Droid Eris finally receiving an update (OTA, and Android 2.1 for that matter) has surfaced moments ago, and backed up by more than a few web denizens.

Nexus One Flash 10.1 video demo

The wait continues but at least we have more video proof that it does work, kinda. This is a Nexus with Flash 10.1 in the early stages of development as you will see in the upcoming video.
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