There Will Be No Return For The myTouch Fender

If you already purchased these devices I hope you like it because you may be stuck with it. The folks over at got their hands on what appears to be a screen shot of T-Mobile’s return policy for the myTouch 3G Fender Edition. Let’s hope this is not yet been implemented and just something that they are considering.

Walmart Wireless to offer Nexus One?

Currently the only way to pick up a Nexus One is via Google's own online store, but Walmart seem to be preparing to sell the Android 2.1 smartphone themselves.  A spec page for the N1 has been spotted at the Walmart Wireless site, complete with the promise that the Snapdragon handset is "coming soon". There's no indication of when the Nexus One might arrive at Walmart, nor if it will be available in-store or only online.  However there's plenty of detail about the smartphone on the pre-info page, which makes us suspect this isn't an accidental listing. [Thanks jamstar35!]

Analysts forecast Android will take No.2 OS spot by 2013

Today the Symbian OS used mainly on Nokia phones dominated the smartphone operating system global market, Blackberry maker RIM holds the second spot, with Apple coming in third.  However, an IDC report published today announces that the Android OS is expected to storm its way to the near top of the smartphone market, while growing at a faster rate than all its competition.

Nexus One gets Cyanogen 5.0 beta ROM

Rooted Nexus One owners have a reason to rejoice: eminent Android hacker Cyanogen has cooked up a treat. Currently an experimental beta release, CyanogenMod 5.0 packs several enhancements that veteran root users already know and love. Notable features include built-in USB tethering and Spare Parts with a compressed caching option, as well as a semi-transparent notification slider and reboot as an option from the power button. No doubt, other tweaks lie under the hood. As has become standard with CM releases, the Google apps are applied separately to avoid any legal kerfuffles. Users should be able to expect a stable release in the very near future, but for now it's safe to say that this is a promising addition to the N1, and the future combination of Android and Cyanogen is looking bright. []

Pictures Of HTC Supersonic In The Wild

Picture of one the most anticipated phones have surfaced. These are the first pictures of the HTC Supersonic which is supposed to be a WiMAX device. This phone was first rumored to be coming to Sprint but the recent rumors point it towards T-Mobile. These are leaked pictures and may not be the actual device so take this with a few grains of salt.

Google Points The Finger at T-Mobile

Looks like Google is busy at work investigating the 3G issues with the Nexus One that a lot of people are experiencing. Their results showed that the issue is weak T-Mobile 3G coverage. They also found a bug in the software and are currently testing a patch that should fix the issue. The patch will come in the form of an OTA and could be released as early as next week. [caption id="attachment_4993" align="alignnone" width="284" caption="Picture is from"][/caption]

The Unboxing of The New myTouch 3G: Fender edition

Here you go ladies and gentlemen. If you are a fan of guitars and music your going to want this phone in your collection. The myTouch 3G has been available since Jan 20th and we have ourselves our first look at what’s included in the box. This unboxing of this glorious phone was brought to you by Todd from MobileBurn. So without further ado, here’s the unboxing.

T-Mobile G1 hack adds Android Arduino support

Modding Android handsets has been made particularly easy thanks to their open-source software, and so it's almost a surprise that it's taken this long to see integration with that other hacker's delight, the Arduino microprocessor board.  Over at Instructables there's a guide that explains exactly how to connect a rooted T-Mobile G1 up to the Arduino, potentially allowing for ready access to the handset's 3G, camera, microphone, speaker and other functionality from whatever hobby electronics you hook up. It's the handiwork of Tim Heath and Ryan Hickman, who have produced the Python scripts which allow the G1 to communicate with the Arduino board.  The basic functionality turns an LED on and off, but of course the expectation is that electronics tinkerers will use the system to develop wirelessly-connected robotics, remote telepresence systems and generally interface with other external hardware. [via Hack a Day]

T-Mobile adding doubleTwist to new Android devices

T-Mobile have already included doubleTwist with one of their handsets, the recently-launched myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition, but according to TechCrunch the media management software will soon be bundled with a large number T-Mobile's Android devices.  A deal is expected that will see T-Mobile distribute a custom version of the app with each Android handset sold, replicating the sort of functionality iPhone owners have come to expect from iTunes. As for the customizations, it's actually a feature omission rather than an addition.  T-Mobile USA have seemingly requested that the Amazon MP3 store - usually integrated into doubleTwist - be removed from their version; of course, Android users are free to download the full app from doubleTwist's site.  Even if T-Mobile doesn't preload doubleTwist onto a specific handset, they'll be promoting the app in-store and in included documentation.

T-Mobile myTouch Slide replacing Sidekick range?

The prospect of the myTouch Slide, a hardware QWERTY-blessed version of the HTC Magic (aka T-Mobile myTouch 3G) didn't exactly stoke our excitement, but it seems T-Mobile USA may be more enthusiastic about the Android smartphone.  According to BGR's source, the carrier is preparing to oust their long-running Sidekick range in favor of the Android-based myTouch Slide. While there's no confirmation from the carrier themselves, and the tipster is said to be a new one and not yet corroborated, if true the news could be a significant win for the Android platform.  Sidekick handsets have proved popular with younger and less-tech-savvy customers wanting some of the connectivity and functionality of a mainstream smartphone; it's possible that T-Mobile and HTC could have worked together on the myTouch Slide to inject some of that ready usability into the new device. According to previous leaks, the T-Mobile myTouch Slide is set to arrive in the US on May 17th. [via SlashGear]
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