New Android MIDs from Eston break cover

Android is turning out to be a popular OS for more than just smartphones. Some computer makers still have Android-powered netbooks coming and MIDs are starting to surface with the OS. As Android grows in popularity, I am sure we will see it turn up on more and more devices. The latest MID to get Android is from Eston and it is called the MID-02 Slider. The device will be offered on French carrier SFR and is a rebadged Compaq P8860.

DataViz launches Documents to Go 2.0 for Android

The ability to natively view and edit Microsoft Office documents on smartphones is often limited to Windows Mobile devices only. For other platforms to be able to do this requires third party software like Documents to Go from DataViz. DataViz has announced that the new 2.0 version of Documents to Go for Android devices is now available. The new version allows viewing, editing, and creating of PowerPoint files in the latest file formats. Users can view Adobe PDF files with full options.

Samsung launches Android-powered i7500 in Taiwan

HTC has been making big waves in the mobile phone world with the announcement and launch of some high profile Android phones over the last few weeks. HTC isn’t alone in rushing Android devices out to the masses; HTC and Motorola are as well. Samsung has announced that its Android-powered i7500 smartphone has been official launched in the Taiwan market. HTC is reportedly sending press invites for an event in Taiwan where it will launch its next Android smartphone for Taiwan, the Hero.

Motorola Morrison Android phone specs leak

As the days and weeks march steadily by the amount of time for Google to get the 20 new promised Android phones onto the market is slipping away. One of the phone makers that is producing some of the Android devices is none other than Motorola. Motorola has a lot to prove since it has not had a smash hit of a device that users clamored for since the Razr. Some specs surfaced over the weekend of the Motorola Morrison Android-powered smartphone. The Morrison will be a budget priced device with a Qualcomm 528MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, and 512MB of flash memory for storage of data and files.

Leaked shots of Android Facebook app hit Internet

I mentioned a few days back that rumors had an official app for Facebook running on Android coming soon. The official launch may be closer than we thought. The app looks finished in the screens that have surfaced online. There has still been no indication form Google or Facebook that the app is coming. The screen shots show what you expect to find in an official Facebook app. The app lacks static tabs found on the iPhone version; they are presumably in the drawer accessed via the menu button.

Android apps cost as much as iPhone apps or more

Everyone likes apps for their smartphones today, it seems like every smartphone maker is rolling out their own app store to take advantage of the popularity of applications on mobile phones. There is lots of competition between app stores and companies are pulling out the stops to grab the cash out of a user's wallet. A new comparison of the Apple App Store and the Google Android Market has been published. The comparison looks at the prices of apps between the two stores and has found that Android apps cost just as much, and sometimes more than iPhone apps.

Motorola Morrison engineering diagrams leak

Engineer's sketches of the upcoming Motorola Morrison have leaked, ahead of what's presumed to be the budget Android handset's Holiday 2009 launch.  A sliding QWERTY touchscreen device, the Morrison is expected to carry a roughly $100 price tag when it lands on T-Mobile USA later in the year. The handset is expected to have triband WCDMA 900/1700/2100 support, together with quadband GSM, as well as stereo Bluetooth and a speakerphone.  There is some difference between the controls of the Morrison in this image and in leaked photos of the handset; the sketch appears to show hardware buttons beneath the phone's touchscreen, while leaked prototype shots suggest touch-sensitive keys instead. T-Mobile USA are believed to be slotting the Morrison in underneath the G1.  The device was first spotted on a leaked roadmap back in May. [via Engadget Mobile]

Android holding its own against iPhone

Android got off to an admittedly rocky start when it first debuted on the T-Mobile G1. Since then the OS has proved to be popular and a strong contender in the marketplace. More phones are being introduced that run Android than most other operating systems right now. Android is also starting to gain ground on the class leading iPhone for apps according to Flurry. According to the research firm the iPhone owns79% of the applications market on a platform basis while Android holds 15% of the market and Blackberry holds a mere 3%.

Privus Mobile offers reverse call lookup Android app

I hate it when I get a call on my mobile; phone and the number shows as unknown. I usually just don’t answer the call because it is typically a telemarketer that I don’t want to talk to. A company called Privus Mobile has announced a new reverse number look up update for Android smartphones that is part of a free update for the Privus mobile service. The application allows the phone user to put in any phone number and get the name and address of the person or business using it.

Android gets Amazon app sells just about everything from mobile phones to blenders and books. There is very little that you can’t find on Amazon if you are looking to buy. Several popular smartphones on the market also have their own Amazon apps to make shopping easier. Amazon has now announced that it is offering an Amazon app for Android devices that is available for download at no cost. The cool app lets users take pictures of things like CDs or DVDs or barcodes and get matching products from the Amazon catalog.
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