Dell’s Android Smartphone Leaks

Android is grabbing lots of headlines of late with new netbooks coming with the OS and even more smartphones running the open source OS coming soon. We all know that Dell has long been saying it would be getting into the mobile phone market. Dell has been mum on the topic and has yet to officially announce any mobile phones. Speculation was that Dell would launch devices running Windows Mobile given the close ties between Microsoft and Dell in its computing arm.

Symantec may work on Android software

One of the things that go along with being online is viruses and trojans. Windows is the most targeted operating system because it is also the most widely used OS. Even Apple's Mac OS has its share of nefarious software targeting its users. With Android making such a big push into areas like netbooks, at some point there will likely be viruses and trojans that are aimed at the Linux-based OS. Symantec is one of the larger companies in the anti-virus software realm and the company has announced that it will "evaluate" working with Google Android.

T-Mobile Samsung Bigfoot launching “very soon”?

A new picture of Samsung's Bigfoot Android phone for T-Mobile USA has emerged, the smartphone that was initially tipped to replace the G1 in Q3 2009.  The Bigfoot is expected to have a 3-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, presumably similar to that the company has used in the Samsung I7500 aka Galaxy. There's also believed to be UMTS/HSDPA connectivity, taking advantage of T-Mobile USA's 3G network, and it seems sensible to assume that it will have WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.  A 3-megapixel camera is also expected, and of course there's that full QWERTY keyboard and what look to be some well-placed stereo speakers. According to the BGR's sources, the Samsung Bigfoot is actually set to launch in the very near future.  No word on pricing or specific launch dates, however, but if that "really soon" prediction pans out, we shouldn't have too long to wait.

Google improves Gmail for Android

Android and Gmail should work very well together considering they have the same parent. For the most part Android and Google play well together, but like most things, there is always room for improvement. Google has announced some improvements for the web-based version of Gmail for the Android and iPhone platforms reports InformationWeek. The biggest of the improvements is faster address auto-completion. That means you have to type less characters before finding possible contacts, which is always nice.

MyScript handwriting recognition for Android [Video]

It's not the first handwriting-recognition solution we've seen for the Android platform, but Vision Objects' MyScript system still finds itself with little company.  MyScript recognizes all manner of individual characters, hand-printed and cursive handwriting in around sixteen different languages, and is happy with you using a finger rather than a stylus to trace out letters on your Android handset's screen. As the video demo, below, shows, you don't have to wait for individual letters or even words to be recognized before moving on.  Instead, the text-entry box effectively scrolls across, creating more space to write; you can squeeze a couple of words on-screen at a time. Vision Objects provide handwriting-recognition engines to a number of partner software companies, so it's possible we could see an Android version of MyScript using the technology from another developer.  No word on when that might happen, though. [youtube][/youtube] [via UMPC Tips]

Android will chip away at Windows’ PC dominance

Acer has already made official its intention to field an Android powered netbook in Q3 of 2009. Along with Acer will come more computer makers as firms try the alternative OS to reduce costs. Dell and HP are also both looking at selling Android powered netbooks. The Wall Street Journal reports that analysts believe Android will slowly chip away at the dominance of Windows in the notebook and netbook market. Some also predict that Android will eventually turn up on desktop computers as well. With the backing of a major player like Google, Android is able to better draw attention and developers to its operating system than some of the other flavors of Linux.

Appcelerator lets devs build for iPhone and Android on one platform

The Apple App store is by far the largest and most successful of the application stores offered for mobile phones. After the success of the Apple App store Nokia, Google, and Palm launched their own app stores. A new development platform called Appcelerator Titanium has been announced that will allow devs to design for the iPhone and Android on one platform. The Appcelerator Titanium platform is set to release soon and supports development of mobile, desktop and web applications. Using the software building an app on one platform will allow it to run on all other platforms supported.

Android-powered Sony Walkman for 2010

When I was seven or eight the teenage girl that lived behind us was really hot. She often walked around in a swimsuit sporting her massive Walkman and to this day if you say the Walkman name I think about good ol' Debbie. The Walkman has changed a lot over the years, Debbie has as well. The Walkman got slimmer and last I saw, the opposite had happened to my adolescent fantasy babe. Sony has announced that the Walkman is going to change again next year with the introduction of an Android powered version. Details are scant at this point. What is known is that the navigation for the DAP will be powered by Android.

Netbook runs Windows and Android

I am a big netbook fan, but when it comes to any computer be it my desktop or my netbook I really want Windows. For all the good and bad that comes with Windows, at least I know that I can get the software I need on my computer. With return rates on netbooks using alternative OS' much higher than Windows netbooks, the average consumer feels about the same. I do like the idea of being able to try something like Android on a netbook and having Windows there so I can use my Office software or other applications when I need to.

Android netbooks unveiled

Acer officially confirmed this week that it would be launching Android-powered netbooks in Q3 2009. That official launch window is still months away, but the top netbook maker on the planet was showing the machine off at Computex. The Acer Aspire One D250 was spied at the show running Android as its operating system. Acer was fast to point out that the rig seen wasn't the actual product but merely a test bed system. Another Android-powered machine has popped up as well.
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