T-Mobile G1, a true always on connection

Users are finding out the hard way why T-Mobile says you need to have a data play in order to have the T-Mobile G1. One user traveled abroad and ended up racking up a $102.85 bill while data roaming. The big twist here is the fact that he had turned off roaming data sync and 3G completely. Apparently after getting back from a trip to the UK, he gave T-Mobile a call and spoke with several customer service representatives until a supervisor explained the situation.  The G1 always accesses the Internet, even when the Internet services are turned off; the G1 will reach out for sending text messages or even placing calls.  In the end the customer service supervisor said, "the phone should have been left in the USA to avoid these charges." It comes as no surprise that at no time this was mentioned during the phone call placed to enable international calling on his plan. The representatives only stated that he would be charged $10 for every MB of data used and that if he simply stayed off the Internet than he would have no problem. He was being charged about $.15 every 3-7 minutes on average whether on a call or not. It looks like our G1 is not going overseas with us.

Inside tip confirms new T-Mobile data plans

One of our members has brought it upon themselves to help arm users with inside knowledge so that we are not left in the dark anymore. He brings us word that there are some changes going around over at T-Mobile that are now in "For training only" status. This means that all the employees are being trained on these policies, but there is no definite date for them to take place and they have a slight chance of changing. He reports that the 10GB data cap is coming, but its not just for G1 owners, this cap will cover all phones including the SideKick line. Half of the calls that user receives are customers with over 50GB of data already used.  He also went on to say, “when you reach the 10GB cap we will strike the mighty throttle upon your line to 50kb or less.” Also as we previously brought up T-Mobile will be adjusting Internet pricing for many phone including the SideKick who’s data pricing may go as high as to double the current price.  T-Mobile will also be changing the mid-grade phones Internet service and rebranding it under the name web2go. It appears that T-Mobile has had a lot of time to think about how data plans now match up to their new 3G network.

Video proof of Android booting on Nokia n810

We are shocked that since the official release of the Android source code we have not seen more devices running Android. It seems that there were more devices running a port of Android even without the source code than there are today. We have recently come across a video of the Nokia n810 Internet tablet booting Android. While not much is shown in the video, we can see the slide-out menu works correctly. It seems that when Android is ported it automatically fits the screen that you are using. Even though we know this port lacks functionality, we can’t help but be excited about what is to come. With advancements like this being made it shows great potential for Android in the future. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33vIr6ovpmU&eurl=http://www.droideo.com/video/n810-android-boot&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

Where can you pickup a T-Mobile G1 for $125?

With the holiday season coming up and the recent crunch in the economy we are all looking for the best deals on gifts this holiday season. Today millions of people are logging on to the Internet and trying to snatch up whatever deals they can find. For those who are dying to get a T-Mobile G1 for a loved one or even for yourself and have an American Express card, have we got a deal for you. For a very limited time you can order a G1 for $125 from My Wishlist. We just stumbled upon it this morning and there are only 200 units available so act fast! Paying $125 rather than $179 sure makes us wish we had an American Express card. At any rate this is a very good deal for 200 lucky customers this year. During this My Wishlist promotion American Express also offers many other gift ideas for everyone on your list. So go by and check it out before the deals are all gone.
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