The Apple Vs. Google debate has been a major one since Android’s announcement. And while each has it’s own advantages, Android is usually seen as the “better” option because of it’s openness and ability to be highly customized. Well the people at eWeek think that Android 2.2 is far behind iOS 4, and gives us ten reasons why.

In an humorous post to start of your Wednesday morning, check out some of their highly arguable reasons below:

1. Google isn’t so big on software

Google’s real plan with Android is to dominate the mobile advertising space. It fully realizes that the best way to achieve that goal is by doing whatever it can to capitalize on the desire for touch-screen smartphones with the help of Android. That’s precisely why Google offers its operating system for free. But due to that focus on eventual mobile advertising dominance, Google falls short compared to Apple on software design.

2. Apple understands consumers

Apple understands what consumers want and how they will use a particular product. That comes through in all the products the company sells, including its iOS platform. Google, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand consumers as well as it could. It’s certainly doing a better job than most companies, but it still has a long way to go to match Apple. In fact, Google’s consumer understanding seems to be more Microsoft-like than Apple-like. And that could be a problem — especially for its operating system—going forward.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking on iOS is a key reason why Apple has enjoyed such success in the mobile market as of late. For years, consumers were hoping for true multitasking. But for years, the company made no promises. But in iOS 4, multitasking is running on the iPhone. Because of that, Google has a long way to go to match anything Apple is currently offering.

4. Folders make it all OK

Apple’s iOS platform is better than Android 2.2 for several major reasons. But one of the minor things that consumers should think about is Apple’s operating system’s folder support. With little effort, consumers can quickly create folders, lump similar programs together, and more. It provides a rewarding experience. And it’s something that Google has a long way to go on in order to catch up.

5. Ease of use must come into play

In any evaluation between two operating systems, ease of use must play a role. After all, if a particular operating system is easier to use for the average consumer than another, it should get the nod. In this case, iOS 4 easily gets the nod. Apple’s operating system is simply easier to use. And it doesn’t suffer from the strange quirks that arise on Android due to vendors trying to tailor the user experience to their own products.

6. Responsiveness

One of the main issues with Android 2.2 is that the software doesn’t respond as effectively as it should to the user when compared to iOS. Does that mean there is a responsiveness issue with Android 2.2? Absolutely not. In fact, compared to other operating systems, it holds up quite well. But Apple’s platform is different. It’s just that iOS simply provides more responsiveness when users interact with it. It could be extremely difficult for Google to catch up anytime soon.

7. Too many variations

Because Android is an open platform, vendors that get their hands on the operating system can change it however they see fit. That openness creates an environment across the Android ecosystem that loses uniformity and provides variations of the Android operating system on different phones. The result is sometimes spotty performance that must be taken into account when evaluating differences between iOS and Android.

8. Apple’s App Store

Apple’s App Store is integral to the success of iOS 4. With hundreds of thousands of applications, Apple’s marketplace is the best place to find programs that appeal to both consumers and enterprise customers. Admittedly, Google’s Android Market has been growing at a rapid rate, but it has a long way to go to match Apple’s store.

9. iTunes integration

Whenever users pick up an iOS-based device, they can access iTunes from the product. That’s extremely important. It provides them with an end-to-end entertainment experience that isn’t so readily available on Android. After all, iTunes is the world’s top music store. If only Apple’s products have access to it, few could say Google’s offering can best Apple’s.

10. The tablet issue

Google has said that Android 2.2 is not designed for tablets. Apple doesn’t have that issue with iOS 4. Currently, iOS 3 is running on the iPad. But this month, Apple plans to offer iOS 4 integration with its tablet. When that happens, the company will prove that its operating system is the best choice for just about anyone trying to go mobile. Then the onus will be on Google to respond.

Now they do offer up some very good shortcomings in our favorite OS, but many of them were highly one sided. What do you think? Which parts of their argument do you agree/disagree with?

[Via eWeek]

  • 1337klatz

    1) This is not a fact, only an arbitrary arguing point based on opinion with no supporting details. More like a thesis statement for this article than a bullet point.
    2) Partially true. I’ve always felt iOS targets the average consumer more than the tech savvy consumer.
    3) Have they ever even used Android? It has multitasked since its inception. To tout multitasking in iOS as a key feature is laughable because Android has always done it. If there’s any catching up to be done, Apple should be doing it.
    4) Again, a feature Android has supported from the get go. I was able to create folders on my G1…
    5) Android is way more intuitive. Notifications don’t interrupt you and there’s no need to back out of apps to edit settings. How is iOS easier to use?
    6) No basis for the responsiveness argument. Maybe comparing a low end Android with the iPhone 4. I have tested my Android 2.2 device against the iPhone 4 and it trumps the iPhone in every task, including browser rendering speed.
    7) This provides everybody with an experience they see fit. You can save money on a low end device or get full functionality with the high end. It’s up to you. (And your budget)
    8) Google’s marketplace is cheaper and easier to develop for. Sure, Apple has more apps (for now), but Android reaches more carriers and it’s growing at a much more rapid rate. Plus Android is open source.
    9) Of course Google won’t offer support for Apple’s proprietary music store just like Apple doesn’t have a native GMail app or integrated navigation. Invalid argument because you can still purchase music through Amazon. (Which uses mp3, supported on every platform instead of Apples proprietary .m4a)
    10) Google hasn’t released an official tablet yet, but has support in the works. Android 2.2 does scale quite well to a larger form factor, but this is all depending on third party developers, and since iPad has been out over a year obviously Apple has more of them.

    This article seems to be written by somebody who has never used anything but an iPhone.

  • Zink

    I stopped reading when you listed “multi
    tasking” as a reason. Clearly you’ve never owned an android phone because they are CLEARLY better than iOS feeble attempt at multitasking

  • Sdfgd

    Stupid comments. Long way to go 😉

  • 1. Google isnt big on software. May be true, but I dont think Apple cares about me if the features I want are in Android… (read: multitasking and hotspot)

    2.Apple understand customers. That’s probably why android sells better than iOS right now (05/11)

    3.Multitasking: You absolutly have no idea how Android works. Apple multitasking is not more than a pause button. Android win on this point.

    4. Folder makes it ok. Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY??? It’s ok if folder are fine for you but dont use it as an argument making iOS better. Home screen on Android is far better than iOS, and you can also create folder on Android. If you are fine with iOS one, it dont make it’s like I say ” hey iOS is fast, but Android is fast enough, so android is better” come on… Get real, fan boy

    5. true, I give you this one. Android is far more complicated than Apple. But that’s the price to pay to have more options. With ”longpress” and the menu button you can do a lot of thing easily… But you’re right, iOS is simple and intuitive.

    6. Yeah iOS is more responsive. true, again. But I’m curious to see iOS running multiple process like android does. We’ll probably se some glitches. Here you need to choose between speed and truemultitasking.

    iOS is more responsive, but android is fast enough, it’s no more clunky like 1.5 was… but again, you’re right.

    7. This one depends of which side you’re looking at. Variation make CHOICE, Sense, TouchWiz, Vanilla… Etc… You can like android system but dislike the UI, that’s fine, buy HTC Sense! On the other hand, update are often late on skined UI… Again you have to make a choice.

    8. Apple App Store. Android Market is wide enough to compete vs the AppStore. I never missed an app on Android… @ 200000 app vs 350000 (around this) I think everybody can find what he want in both case. Find an other argument.

    9. Itunes integration: True, it’s easier to download music via iTunes store on iOS, on Android you can download via 3rd party apps but it’s less simple.

    On the other hand, on android you’re not linked to a computer stuck with iTunes. Drag and drop, it’s over.

    10. tablet issue: true true true. At the time of the article, Android 2.2 wasnt as great as iOS4 on tablets. (Android 3.0 is out now so we can talk)

    I think you didnt tried very hard to love Android and you focused on negative points.

    Here is some reasons why android is better:

    Hotspot wifi sharing

    Customisation, everything can be changed: launcher, lockscreen, widgets, etc, etc, etc…

    root app are in the market(no need for Cydia-like app), ok this one only apply to geeks

    CHOICE: if you dont like iPhone look, what do you do? eh! You dont like Nexus One look? ok buy Motorola or something else.

    App replacement, on android if you dont like a native app(sms, media player, browser) you can download an other one from the market and set it to act as the default one.

    turn by turn navigation: FREE

    True multitasking, not only a pause button…

    This is the only few I found in a minutes or two.

    Dont get me wrong, iOS is great, very great. But iOS is not better than Google and Google isnt better than iOS. It a matter of choice

    I just think that this article was written with a little too much of ”fanboyship”

    • Chetan Takyar

      I thank u because you gave reasons and rebuttals to the reasons and u agreed to some of them so this shows that u are not totally suckered in by android u gotta see some of the responses fandroids are throwing around thank u for no being baised